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Find out about a world where old and new meet, where sustainability is a promise, and where every work has the mark of human hands.





Our Origin

Ogimi: The Village of Longevity

At Ogimi, we get ideas from the town's peaceful landscapes and long-standing customs that share our name. This town is known for how long its people live and how well they get along with the natural world. It is in the northern part of Okinawa Island.

Our craftspeople put a bit of the spirit of Ogimi into everything they make. While the locals carefully care for their gardens, our skilled artisans put their heart and soul into every item they create. Our hand-painted ceramics feature intricate patterns that honor the natural world's splendor and are the product of skilled hands. Every stroke of the paintbrush shows how hard the artist worked and how unique the piece is.

Every creation is a story...

every story is a legacy...

and every gift is a path of longevity and sustainability.

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